Prophet Evidence Chari Moves to Botswana

Prophet Evidence Chari, the first spiritual son of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, has moved to Botswana.

Gambakwe Media sources revealed that Chari is spending more time in Botswana, where he is trying to establish a permanent base.

The flamboyant young preacher and prophet has slowed down his activities in South Africa and is currently in Botswana.

Sources revealed that Chari is seriously considering going back to Zimbabwe to join hands with his spiritual father, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa as one of the pastors at the UFIC main church in Chitungwiza.

Prophet Chari is known for his fanatic support for Prophet Makandiwa. He emulates Makandiwa ‘s dressing style and haircut and was instrumental in exposing Blessing Mashagwa when she attempted to extort Makandiwa in December.

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