Uebert Angel Declares He Will Never Leave Pastor Chris

Prophet Uebert Angel has declared that he will never be seperated from his spiritual father pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Posting on social media, Angel said the only reason that can cause him to leave pastor Oyakhilome is the day of rapture.

Prophet Angel and his wife Beverly travelled to Lagos, Nigeria last week to attend a conference hosted by Pastor Chris. After Angel and his wife were asked to come on stage inside the 24 000 seater capacity venue, Pastor Chris calmly delivered his endorsement.

He said even after rapture he will meet up with him as saints in christ beyond rapture.

Angel said no day exists where he will ever walk away from his spiritual father.

Angel credits Pastor Chris for playing an inspirational role in the formation of his Spirit Embassy church in 2007. In 2005 during New Year’s Eve, Angel and his wife Beverly, were watching Pastor Chris’s New year Message on television and say that’s when the seeds were immediately sown.