Zimbabwean designer, inventor and entrepreneur Sangulani Chikumbutso has become the first to design a locally-produced electric car, a ‘green’ generator, drone and many other.

Sangulani Chikumbutso dropped out of Form 2 (grade 9). He had been brought up in a poor, high-density suburb by a single mother after his father had absconded.

While in primary school, he had begun experimenting with electrical technology so much so that he was profiled in a television programme as a talented young man. Back then, he aspired to become a mechanic like his father, a journeyman.

Chikumbuko has designed a series of fancy gadgets with his company SAITH Technologies.

He launched different gadgets including a hybrid engine-powered helicopter, an electric car, a magnetic converter, a ‘green’ power generator and a special drone.