WATCH LIVE: Sanctions harm ordinary Zimbabweans – Brian Vahombe

Watch Live as Brian Vahombe of ZANU-PF South Africa unpacks the ZIDERA Sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Key points from the presentation

  1. Sanctions affect all Zimbabweans  regardless of political party.
  2. Sanctions are an open declaration of war in Zimbabwe.
  3. No country has ever succeeded under US or UN sanctions.
  4. ZIDERA sanctions are sophisticated and difficult to understand for ordinary citizens.
  5.  ZIDERA Sanctions are not targeted and they harm ordinary Zimbabweans.
  6. Corruption is not the problem in Zimbabwe.
  7. Zimbabwe is not in the top ten most corrupt countries and yet there is a narrative that it has a corruption problem.
  8. There is need to educate Zimbabweans on the issue of corruption in Zimbabwe.
  9. Sanctions make corruption worse.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.