Sebastian Magacha Calls for Prayers On Behalf of Mary Mubaiwa

Gospel Musician Sebastian Magacha has called for prayers on behalf of VP Constantino Chiwenga’s enstranged wife Mary Mubaiwa.

Mubaiwa is at a serious risk of having at least one of her arms amputated after failing to get the medical care she needs to treat her lymphoedema

Posting on social media Magacha said as a Christian its his duty to pray for her health.

“Lets pray for Mary Mubaiwa’s health, personally l dnt knw her, nyayadzake handinei nadzo as aChristian I think it’s my duty to pray for her health”.

Sebastian begged God to look upon Mercy with eyes of Mercy.

“Lord, look upon her with eyes of mercy. May Your healing hand rest upon her Amen”.