Top 10 Richest People In Ghana

10.Patrick Bitature is ranked the 10th richest person in Ghana with over $100 million networth. He owns a giant telecommunication company known as Sumba telecom. He was appointed chancellor of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU), a private university based in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. His term began on 17 September 2021 and runs until 16 September 2025.

9. Mukesh Shukla, commonly referred to as Mukesh, is a businessman, entrepreneur, and politician in Uganda. He was reported in 2012 to be one of the wealthiest individuals in Uganda. Mukesh has a networth of over $100 million networth. His father was a revenue officer with the Uganda Revenue Authority from 1959 until 1986. The family has been in the business of aluminum saucepans since 1939.[3]

8.Gordon Babala Kasibante Wavamunno, but often referred to simply as Gordon Wavamunno, is a Ugandan entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. He is the owner of Spear Motors Uganda and the sole distributor of Mercedes Benz in Uganda. He has an estimated networth of $100 million. Gordon has numerous investments in companies across the world.

7.Aaron Mukooza is among the richest people in Uganda. His large investments in the media, the banking sector made him amass some net of $200 million.

6. Sikander Lalani is a businessman, MD at Roofings Group entrepreneur, industrialist, and former histopathologist in Uganda. He is reported to be one of the wealthiest individuals in Uganda. He has a networth of $300 million.

5. Charles Mbire is a businessman, entrepreneur, and industrialist in Uganda. He was reported to be the wealthiest indigenous Ugandan, with an estimated net worth exceeding US$400 million as of January 2012.

4. Mohammed Hamid is Ugandan business magnate and investor. He is the owner and chairman of the executive board of directors for the Aya Group. According to Forbes in 2015, he was the second richest African under 40, after Tanzanian multi-millionaire Mohammed Dewji. Networth $400 million.

3. Alykhan Karmali is a businessman, entrepreneur, industrialist, and philanthropist in Uganda. He is the managing director of Mukwano Industries Uganda Limited, a member company of the Mukwano Group. Networth $700 million.

2. Karim Hirji is a businessman, hotel owner, and entrepreneur in Uganda. He is reported to be one of the wealthiest individuals in Uganda, with an estimated of $800 million.

1. Sudhir Ruparelia is a Ugandan business magnate and investor of Indian origin. He is the chairman and majority shareholder in the companies of the Ruparelia Group. His investments are mainly in the areas of banking, insurance, education, broadcasting, real estate, floriculture, hotels, and resorts. He has an estimated networth of $1.2 billion.