Temba Mliswa Slams the State for Blocking Mary Mubaiwa from getting Medical Assistance

Norton MP Temba Mliswa has criticised the Judiciary for blocking Mary Mubaiwa from accessing specialist treatment in South Africa following her pending trial.

Mubaiwa is at a serious risk of having at least one of her arms amputated after failing to get the medical care she needs to treat her lymphoedema

Posting on twitter, Mliswa said the Judiciary’s conduct in Mary’s case, pushing ahead for trial when she is visibly sick, makes it seem there is someone who wants to appease vakuru.

Mliswa said he is concerned about the apparent lack of independence of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Judiciary.

“That compromises both the standing of VP Chiwenga and the Judiciary itself. The approach brings the Judiciary into disrepute”.

Mubaiwa who is also facing a string of other charges including assault, fraud, money laundering and the attempted murder of Chiwenga underwent a skin grafting procedure three weeks ago to repair tissue damage on her arms.