Senator Jim Risch Condems ZANU PF Political Violence Against MDC A

Senator Jim Risch, chair of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee has condemned political violence by ZANU PF against the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance.

Posting on twitter, Risch said violence against the opposition is unacceptable. There must be accountability.

“ZDERA requires #Zimbabwe’s govt to “take concrete, tangible steps towards… good governance, including respect for opposition, rule of law & human rights.”

This comes after Nelson Chamisa had his convoy attacked by at least 200 youth mobilized by the ruling Zanu PF party while on their way to meet community leaders in Charumbira, Masvingo Province.

In a statement, the MDC Alliance said, “They stoned cars, barricaded roads with burning logs & assaulted members of our team who’ve now been hospitalized. Cars were seen ferrying the rented crowd and co-ordinating the attacks as violent thugs held up printed posters.”

The MDC Alliance said several party activists were injured and party leader Nelson Chamisa was taken to a safe place.