Zuva Habane Slams Chie Masiziba for Scamming other Women Using her Pyramid Scheme

Socialite Zuva Habane has slammed Chie Masiziba for scamming other women using her fake pyramid scheme.

In a live video on facebook, Zuva said Chie is a thief. She runs 56 groups where she swindles money from people in form of a pyramid scheme.

This comes after she posted that she lost more than $4000 in a business scam and a number of people also lost their investments.

Zuva Habane produced an audio of a lady who was conned by Chie in the pyramid scheme. She said she never got the money despite introducing two of her friends to the scheme thinking its any investment.

Habane said Chie managed to manipulate people and rob from them using her motivational speaking and life coaching groups.