Prophet Ian Genesis Attacked by Armed Man in the Mountains

PROMINENT Zambian man of God, Prophet Ian Genesis says he was attacked in the mountains by two men yesterday.

Genesis took to social media to reveal that two unidentified men carrying guns heavily attacked him and his congregants whilst they were praying.

“Being a man of God is becoming difficult for me- My team and I were attacked today at the mountain in Bauleni by two Men. They hard no identification, no police or army uniform. They threatened us(all five)and asked us to lay down but I refused and asked them to shot me,they were armed with a short gun,probably an AK 47. I said to them,”I would rather you shot me than for me to lay down”.

If you are a Man of God in Lusaka be careful of mountains. This is the third time we are attacked from three different mountains. I believe their mode of operation is to put fear in people and rob them. To all my followers am 100% fine but my team has suffered psychologically from the incidence,” he posted.

Ian Genesis trended in the past few months after he prophesied that Edgar Lungu will win the August elections.

In ended in tears after Hakainde Hichilema won the elections.