Passion Java Promises Us$10 000 if Warriors Win Against Ghana

Prophet Passion Java has promised to give us$10 000 to the warriors if they win in today’s match against Ghana.

In an interview on Power FM, Java said anyone who scores today will get us$1 000 for a job well done.

The warriors are hosting Ghana in matchday four of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers- Group G.

Java predicted that Zimbabwe will score one goal.

When asked about his source of wealth, Java said he owns several churches around the world and his followers are millionares who give more than thousands of money as offering and tithes.

He also added that he has companies he owns but refused to disclose the names alleging that people may use that to destroy him.

Java said if he was to stop working now he has money to carter for him amd his children for the next 20years.