Jah Cure Celebrates 43rd Birthday Behind Bars

PROMINENT reggae musician Jah Cure has celebrated his 43rd birthday behind bars.


Jah Cure was born on October 11, 1978 in Hanover, Jamaica.

In a statement, Cure was reportedly arrested in the Netherlands following an alleged stabbing of Nicardo Blake, a music promoter.


The charges against him were said to include attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Ironically, this is all taking place when the government of the Netherlands is starting a ‘drop your knife’ campaign and a knife amnesty is being done this month.

The recent events remind fans of Jah Cure’s difficult past, in particular, his rape conviction in 1999.  While he spent many years in prison, he was released early, after having famously recorded several songs while in prison.

It is unclear whether the Netherlands will give him the same treatment though, especially considering the government’s campaign against knife use.