Killer Zivhu Condemns ZANU PF Violent Attacks on Chamisa

Former ZANU PF minister Killer Zivhu has condemned the ruling party’s violent attacks on Nelson Chamisa yesterday.

Chamisa was set to address people in Charumbira, Masvingo however, a group of people chanting ZANU PF slogans attacked him demanding for the removal of sanctions.

Posting on twitter, Zivhu said, ZANU PF should stop being bothered by Chamisa.

“Guys if Chamisa is useless with no plan ,muregeyi ainde kose kwaanoda uchashaiwa vanhu agonyara. Why bothered by Chamisa wamunoti haana vanhu uye wapera”, he wrote.

Zivhu questioned why the ruling party feels threatened by Chamisa when they always mock him of being a small useless boy in politics.