Fired Zambia Revenue Authority Boss, Dr Kingsley Chanda, today staged a protest and refused to wear a suit during the hand over ceremony to his replacement.

Dr Chanda handed over documents while wearing a modest blue worksuit, in protest at being fired by newly elected president, Hakainde Hichilema.

Writing on their Facebook Page, the Zambia Revenue Authority said :

Today, the new ZRA Commissioner General Mr Dingani Banda and Former Commissioner General Dr Kingsley Chanda exchanged hand over notes at ZRA HQ.

Dr Chanda was abruptly fired last week after building a solid Zambia Revenue Authority which recently reported revenue surpluses.

The dismissal came as a surprise to many who thought Chanda was doing a great job.

Hichilema has fired a number of prominent figures since his election, including 13 diplomats , security services chiefs and government officials.