Watch: Beverly Sibanda Teaching Zimbabweans How to Tw_erk

Prominent Zimbabwean dancer Beverly Sibanda has took to social media to teach Zimbabweans on how to become a good dancer.

In a video circulating on social media, Bev explained and demonstrated how ladies can become a good dancer.

Bev started her dancing career at school after which she joined Zalabantu Dance Group from Gwanda.

In 2008 Bev launched he solo career as a Pole dancer. She was virtually unknown by then.

In August 2011 Bev together with Mercy Mukumire, Chantel Dlamini and Brenda Cocoa formed the Sexy Angels group. The group members came from various dance groups. It was this group that made Bev a household name.

She became one of the most sought-after dancer, having shows for the whole week from Tuesday up to Sunday. Sometimes, she even had double bookings in a single day.

Bev’s s_exually suggesting dance routines, endeared her to many men in Zimbabwe and outside Zimbabwe.