Last Maengahama Greatful to Nelson Chamisa

Zimbabwean politician Last Maengahama has finally broke his silence after the President of MDC Alliance Nelson Chamisa appointed him as National Secretary for Policy and Research.

He took to social media to reveal how grateful he is for the opportunity.

“I am deeply humbled by the deployment to this very crucial and strategic portfolio of policy and research by President Nelson Chamisa and the MDC Alliance party.

This is indeed a huge and challenging task that demands participatory, inclusivity, grassroots and people driven approaches to policy formulation.

Our philosophy is that public policy formulation must be people driven and people centred. The MDC is a social democratic party whose core values include participation, inclusivity, solidarity, democracy, freedom, equality and justice. The birth of the MDC came out of the struggles of the working people, the women, the urban and rural youth and the students whose future is now more precarious and uncertain.

Policy and research portfolio is the cornerstone of the party as it provides general party policy direction and the framework for the party manifesto and election message and we ready ourselves to govern.

We shall create platforms to dialogue with the working peoples in their communities, the women, the youth, the unemployed, the farmers and the peasants, the civil servants and the business community in urban and rural areas to facilitate their active participation in public policy formulation.

The MDC is the only party that will transform and transfigure Zimbabwe to Democracy and Real Development where every person is accorded an opportunity, without any form of prejudice or discrimination.

We will create an economy, state and society based on the enjoyment of civil, political, social and econimic rights are guaranteed for all, devoid of oppression, exploitation, violence – a free and fair society to humanity!

The MDC is domiciled in the base, the working people and their struggles.