Netsai Marova Wishes Cecilia Chimbiri A Happy Birthday.

Cecilia Chimbiri is celebrating her birthday today on the 2nd of October.
Friends and colleagues took to social media to wish her a happy birthday and one of them was Netsai Marova.
She wrote:
“Happy birthday Commander Sis for another year added by the almighty. I am happy for this day as you mean a lot to me. Yes we have had ups and downs, court sometimes following us on hospital bed, there is absolutely nothing we have not seen but we conquered it all.
A cheerleader and pillar of inspiration, strength and love you are. All the times I appreciate and don’t take for granted. May almighty continue granting you more wisdom,knowledge, and intellect to enhance your ever growing able leadership.
Once Again Happy Bday sis it’s not a mistake to sail in the same ship together there is a PURPOSE and it shall be served. Cheers to many many more to come. You’re loved Mwenewazvo Cecilia Chimbiri”
Cecilia Chimbiri is a Zimbabwean youth campaigner for the Movement for Democratic Change led by Nelson Chamisa.
She is the first female National Youth Vice Chairperson in the MDC youth Assembly since its formation elected by Congress 2019. She was abducted for two days at an anti-government protest in May 2020.