Kudzi and Khanyi Mbau Back Together 

Zimbabwean entrepreneur Kudzai Mushonga is back with his girlfriend Khanyi Mbau.


He released a video of him kissing Khanyi Mbau.

Few weeks ago, Khanyi Mbau left her lover Kudzai Terrence Mushonga devastated and shattered in Dubai.


The two had went for vacation in Dubai.


However, ‘Kudzi was left heartbroken and in shock after her famous girlfriend Khanyi Mbau pulled a no show for one of his romantics.


He had to go on Instagram stories in search of her whole night.


According to Kudzai Mushonga, a Zimbabwean businessman currently in hiding in the neighboring South Africa, Khanyi had left home for saloon when the whole ruckus came to light.


After getting dropped off at a Saloon at 6pm with a promise of calling her boyfriend 30 minutes before she was done, Khanyi decided to mizz Kudzi and join her friends to Rooftoop pool for a few drinks. This, without her utopian boyfriend’s knowledge.