Mai Titi Shows Off New Boyfriend

Outspoken Zimbabwean socialite Felistas popularly known as Mai Titi has took to social media to show off her new boyfriend.

Her new boyfriend is known as Shephered as he is based in the United States of America.

Mai Titi left to the United States few days ago.

Days after arriving in the States, Tatelicious took to social media to announce that Mai Titi had traveled to meet his new man, Shephered.

She further went on to reveal that Mai Titi has been dumped and left stranded by the new boy friend.

Fans of Mai TT are still not happy with Queen Tatelicious after she did a live and claimed she had V11 of Mai TT fiancee Shephered being disabled and using a wheelchair.

However, Shephered has released the photos to prove that he is not disabled and also to prove that he didn’t dump Mai Titi.