Hopewell Chin’ono Staying in $250 Per Night Hotel

Award winning independent journalist Hopewell Chinono says he is staying in a hotel that charges $250 per night.

Chinono left to Paris yesterday to attend the Africa-France Summit.

Chinono will be staying in the Hotel for the next 7 days.

He took to social media to update his followers about the living conditions in France.

“This is my office for the next 7 days,
it is called Covid-19 quarantine.

This could have been avoided if the Zimbabwean Government had allowed other Covid-19 vaccines to be licensed and be available for a payment to citizens.

Traveling around the world is now expensive for Zimbabweans due to this beholdeness to the Chinese whose vaccines are not recognized in many countries including France.

I asked the French why the Chinese vaccines are not recognized, they said because the Chinese are secretive with their data, and hence it is difficult to rely on what they say.

The long and short of it is that the regime should have allowed choice to its citizens.

Pfizer is US$40 a shot, but now I am staying in a hotel for 7 days at US$250 a night.

Thankfully in my case I am here as a guest of the French Government so they are paying, what about the Zimbabwean on an ordinary trip?

They will have to pay US$1750 plus meals, that is the cost of dictatorship.

That money would have been used in Zimbabwe, now imagine how many people are having to go through this and how much is the country losing when it happens.

Leadership requires vision indeed,” he posted.