Mary Bushiri Sends Special Birthday Message to Her Daughter Raphaella.

Prophetes Mary Bushiri has sent a very special message to her daughter, Raphaella.

The prophetess took to social media to celebrate the birthday of Raphaella.

She revealed that she loves Raphaella, calling her “Healing Angel”.

“Happy birthday my healing angel, Raphaella. I only realized this year what The Lord meant when He said to me, this one is the healing angel.
You are so incredible my baby. I thank God for you Raphaella. You bring us so much joy, never a dull moment with you. It is so amazing how a young girl can soothe our hearts this much. You have helped me heal this year my dearest young lady. I love you so much my pretty girl. I treasure your life my precious jewel.
I pray for you today as I always do my baby. May you grow into your prophetic destiny. May the Lord do in you what He planned for your life in the name of Jesus Christ. You will always walk in unusual favor Raphaella.
I love you endlessly Raphie.
Happy 6th birthday my baby,” she posted.

Few months ago, the Bushiri’s lost their daughter.

She died days after the Malawi government gave them permission to take her to a specialist in the Republic of Kenya.