Ubert Angel Endorses Bishop Nehemia Mutendi

Prominent Self-proclaimed Zimbabwean prophet Uebert Angel has endorsed Nehemiah Bishop Mutendi.

The Ambassador at Large took to social media to endorse Mutendi.

Below is his Speech:

His Eminence,The Bishop, Nehemiah Mutendi, is a force that has made and continues to make a mark in this ion that can never be erased. It was a thing made in the heavens to meet him again yesterday after many years – you see I did my ‘A’ Levels at Mutendi High School after completing my ‘O’ Levels at St Anthony’s High School in Masvingo (Where God Comes From 😍). That means I passed through his hands and his tutelage. Meeting him brought all sorts of memories and exposed his love for his country, his people and people of God around the world. He spoke with wisdom of Patriarchs and prayed for me with power and his words were simple but powerful and, if I may say so myself, straight to the heart of the matter.
My father in the Lord, Pastor Chris, taught me how to honour vessels that have been sent as signs on this earth by God and Bishop Mutendi is a sign and a wonder-God’s sent man. He is a voice of God and an enigma and to ignore him or not to realise it, is to make the worst mistake that anyone gifted with the spiritual ears of my calibre could make. I am happy I made the decision to meet him and be prayed for and also get the time to honour him in my own way. Thank you Bishop for allowing me into your presence- I am forever grateful.