Revealed: Makandiwa Paid Jay Israel for Blessings Mashangwa’s Bedroom Pictures

Self-proclaimed Zimbabwean prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa allegedly paid Jay Israel for Blessings Mashangwa’s bedroom pictures.

According to multiple reports he paid Jay Israel an amount close to 10 Million.

A conversation between the two prophets is circulating on social media.

Few days ago, Emmanuel Makandiwa won his against Blessing.

The couple claimed it contributed between US$1 000 and US$25 000 monthly to the UFIC, in pursuit of commensurate benefits promised by Makandiwa.

In February, 2019, High Court judge Justice Owen Tagu ruled against the couple.

However, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, with Gwaunza accusing the couple of falsehoods, citing as an example the Mashangwas’ claim that they stopped paying the ZB Bank loan on the basis of a prophecy made by Makandiwa that it was a “season of miraculous cancellation of debts”.