Daniel Mandishona Passes Away

Zimbabwean entrepreneur and architect Daniel Mandishona has passed away.

The death of Mandishona has been confirmed by award winning independent journalist Hopewell Chinono.

He took to social media to mourn Mandishona.

“I am saddened at the passing-on of one of 

He was a friend and big brother, a great mind who always gave his time.

He was also a brilliant author who penned, White God, Black Demons and Junctions.

He turned this swimming pool into an apartment, one of many things he would do arguing that art was turning useless things into great stuff.

I was sharing some of his dry humor this weekend which he always sent to me daily.

When I came back home from London 20 years ago, he drove me around Harare helping me to find a home to buy using his critical architectural eye.

I wanted to buy a beautiful home in Steppes Road in Chisipite amd took him there.

He looked at the soul texture and shook his head;
“When it is rainy season you will have to provide gunboats if you invite us for a party.”

The seller was upset that he lost a sell. He designed many famous homes in Harare.

I will miss him dearly, a great guy.

Rest In Peace Chinhamba

Below are the last jokes he sent to