Lungu’s side chick , Faith Musonda walks free

Faith Musonda, the former ZNBC presenter and alleged Edgar Lungu side chick, who was arrested after 65 million kwacha  and $USD 57 000 was found in a house in New Kasama, was interrogated for over 8 hours at the Lusaka Central Police Station yesterday.

She was later released without being charged.

Unconfirmed social media reports indicated that serial numbers showed that the money was taken directly from the bank of Zambia, at the authority of the fired governor, Christopher Mvunga and was handed to Faith to hide it, as Lungu sensed defeat during the elections.

Newly elected President, Hakainde Hichilema, has been cracking down on money laundering after he took over, resulting in severe cash shortages.

Police interrogated Faith about the source of the money, before she was released. Her lawyers have committed to bring Faith to the police station if they ever needed her for further questioning.

The money has been confiscated and is being held as evidence.

Please watch below as Faith was released and left the Lusaka Central police station with her lawyers last night.