Emmerson Mnangagwa Jr Helps Enzo Ishall Sets Up a Paintball Business

Prominent Zimdancehall artist Enzo Ishall has announced that he is setting up a Paintball business.

He took to social media to thank the sons of President Emmerson Mnangagwa who helped him in purchasing equipment needed for the business.

He was assisted by Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior and Collins Mnangagwa.

Below is Enzo’s message:

“l want to thank everybody for the kindness & support they’ve shown me in the past weeks.During that time i’ve learnt that as artists we have to protect our mind & prioritise our mental health rather than just go out there and do what the world wants us to do.The demands of the showbiz industry are relentless,the ongoing pandemic has made it worse so the cumulative effect over a period of time can have major impact on your wellbeing,” he said.

“Every artist has to deal with a lot more stress and pressure than most people,spending significant amounts of time creating art,away from family,with minimal freedoms is challenging.But I’ve been working on it, I’ve been learning and I think that’s all I can do.
Prior to that l never imagined how my art had been positively impacting lives & is appreciated so much to a wider mix of diverse audiencies across all age groups.l am & always will be eternally grateful for the incredible network of people around me who have helped me to recover from what l was going through in life.Since the day l announced that l was quitting music,l received overwhelming messages from my fans,producers,djs & fellow artistes around the world who encouraged me to continue making music.
Sisi @kvgroyalty thanks for what you’ve done for me,thank u for the love love and support,l hope l will make you proud,continue to generate hope by telling the ghetto story.
Through @chippy263 Emmerson Jnr Mnangagwa ,@collins_mnangagwa & @scott_kupa reached out & helped me to setup a business that i’ve always wanted to venture into,im forever grateful👏👏👏.They assisted me in purchasing the paintball shooting gear i.e a large number of paintball guns,masks & vests.l’m happy to announce that l will be opening a paintball park very soon at Motswako opp Kamfinsa Shops & its indeed a dream come true.
Premised on the the feedback that management got from my fans & all music lovers,l now strive to try strike a balance between working hard to establish this international sport called paintball shooting ( @actionpark_paintball )& making good music. I owe it to my fans,” he posted.