Sweden based Zimbabwean socialite Queen Tatelicious Karigambe says she was attacked by evil Spirits of her relatives when she was admitted at a hospital.

“I had two terrible visions help me pray my people. If it means I will have to make noise in this hospital to save my life let it be,” Tatelicious said.

“The first vision I had I was at my mother’s place and one of my mothers relatives came and started to stab me with a knife then I started to bleed, I was calling for help and no one helped me. The house was full but I saw that relative of my mother and he was the one stabbing me with a knife,” said Tatelicious Karigambe.

“The second vision I was lying on the grass then that same relative appeared from nowhere and started to dig a whole, a grave and he started forcing me to get inside and I was refusing saying I’m alive,” she added.

Tatelicious Karigambe said she immediately called her mother to warn her about the relative.

She says the relative from her mother’s side wants her dead.

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