Watch: Rangers Hike to Raise Funds for Zimbabwe Wildlife Workers

Atleast 150 ranger teams from 20 African countries hiked a grueling 21km trail to raise funds for conservation efforts.

Wild life rangers in Zimbabwe are hoping this year’s Wildlife Ranger Challenge will raise enough money to pay their salaries and support their conservation work.

The rangers started the race at sunrise on Saturday carrying 21kgs on their back.

The Covid-19 pandemic has crippled Africa’s tourism sector which is the main source of revenue.

The sector has been forced to find other sources of funding to support not only the wild life protection efforts but also the livelihoods of the workers.

Eleven women took part of the challenge among them 5 are female rangers.

“I am a female ranger, this shows that women can also take part in this conversation. I wish to inspire a lot of young girls to consider a career in wild life management,” said Belinda Ncube.

Last year the challenge managed to raise 10 million dollars in support of 9 000 workers.