Watch: Njuzu Explains Why she No Longer Dates Zimbabwean Men

Outspoken zimbabwean socialite, Monalisa Njuzu says she is no longer interested in dating Zimbabwean men because they do not have respect for women.

She says she has dated guys from Nigeria, Congo, China among other countries.

However, she will prefer Nigerian men because they respect women.

“I would prefer Nigerian men over Zimbabweans because Nigerians are well mannered. The Nigerians respect women, they show love however Zimbabwean men treat us as prostitutes,” she said.

“Zimbabweans men think that whenever we get in love with them it’s all about money,” Njuzu added.

She further argued that most of the Nigerians have money and they spend it on their ladies without hesitation.

“Nigerians spoil a lady without you asking for it. For zimbabwean men you will have to demand to be taken out for lunch,” Njuzu said.