Watch: Josiah Chipanga Wanted to Order a DNA test with his Child

Prominent Sungura legend, Hosiah Chipanga wanted to order a DNA test with one of his sons who is popularly known as Lancelot Chipanga.

The son says he is using the surname of his mother because Hosiah Chipanga took a lot of time to accept him as his child.

He further said that Hosiah Chipanga did not even pay for his school fees.

“My school fees for primary and secondary level was paid by a friend of my mother. However, I did not finish my secondary education because fees was now more expensive compared to primary level,” he said.

He further revealed that the friend took over school fees following the untimely death of his mother who died in 1994.

He said he started looking for Hosiah Chipanga after he dropped out of school.

“I wrote a letter to radio stations and they assisted me to know the whereabouts of my father. When I arrived in his homestead at Mutare he welcomed me but he advised me to go back to Harare as he promised me that he will come back to find me,” he said.

He said after Hosiah Chipanga found him in Harare he employed him.

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