Prominent Zimbabwean economist Edward Graham “Eddie” Cross says he will never vote for Chamisa because he is too immature to lead the country.

In an interview with Trevor Ncube, Eddie Cross said he stopped supporting MDC following the death of former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai.

He described Tsvangirai as a person who went an extra mile to fight the ruling party.

He said Tsvangirai used to put his own life at risk in order to fight for Zimbabweans unlike Chamisa who has been accused of hiding behind the keyboard by many Zimbabweans.

Following the Military Coup in November 2017, Cross became a supporter of the new Emmerson Mnangagwa government and critical of the MDC.

Eddie Cross recently wrote a book about the life of the president.

The book was titled “A Life of Sacrifice”.

Eddie Cross’s comments about Chamisa comes days after Dr Nkosana Moyo said he cannot join hands with Chamisa because he has no skills to run the country.