Owen Mudha Ncube to Contest for Midlands Province Chairman

Zimbabwan politician and current Minister of State in the president’s office for National Security, Owen Mudha Ncube is set to contest for Midlands Province Chairperson.

Ncube joined the ruling party, Zanu-PF  in 1981 and eventually became a Member of the Provincial Leadership.

He was elected Member of the National Assembly representing Gokwe Kana in 2013.

In March 2016, Ncube was reported to have been passed a vote of no confidence in Midlands Province.

It was reported that the suspension of Ncube and other members was on allegations of gross misconduct, running parallel structures, divisive conduct and promoting factionalism.

However these allegations were reportedly dismissed by the Provincial Deputy Chairman ,Daniel McKenzie Ncube.

In January 2019, Ncube issued an order to internet providers in Zimbabwe to shut down the internet following protests that had turned violent on 14 January 2019.