Prophet Isaac Writes Touching Letter to Hakainde Hichilem

Self-proclaimed Zambian man of God, Prophet Isaac has wrote a touching letter to Zambia’s President, His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema.

Isaac is the only Zambian prophet who accurately prophesied the victory of President Elect His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema.

Below is the letter:

1. Your Excellency Sir, Kindly ensure that all the money that was supposed to go to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Guidance is channelled to help the widows, orphans, disables and the less privileges in the country.
The money can also be used to buy medicines in hospitals.

2. Your Excellency President Sir, Please do not make a mistake of including people that were aligned to PF. God has showed me how these people are determined to frustrate your excellent efforts of developing the welfare of the Zambian People. Most of the people in key government positions are still very loyal to the outgoing regime and will do everything possible in their power to make sure you fail in your quest to fully develop this land of Zambia. To this, in the name of God, I encourage you to replace all the District Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, High Commissioners/Ambassadors.

3. The Independent Broadcasting Authority – IBA Board should be dissolved and new none partisan members should be elected.

4. Don’t pay attention to those people insulting you always in the name of freedom of speech. Majority of them are being sponsored by the people you defeated. Don’t worry, they will soon stop.

5. ZNBC should be reformed so that it becomes independent.

6. Consider recruiting a lot of new teachers, nurses, doctors, clinical officers, lab technicians and other youths. They are the ones that voted for you in large numbers. If you disappoint the youths, forget about winning the 2026 elections.

7. The number of people on Fertiliser Support Program should be tripled. Many people want to engage in farming activities but their effort are being hampered by lack of fertilizer and other farming inputs. Please put farming your first priority. Reduce the price of fertilizer.

8. I strongly recommend you Your Excellency for wiping away carders from markets and bus stations. This is an excellent move sir and already even the little who did not vote for you are appreciating your efforts. But please dont forsake the youths who campaigned for you. Give them work or they will revolt against you for lack of employment as they hoped for markets and bus stations.

9. I again recommend you Your Excellency for the rapid appreciation of the kwacha since you were declared winner. Indeed things are becoming better and I know in 2026, more than 80% of Zambians will vote for you because of your positive achievements. But your enemies you are favouring over your own supporters are working hard to ensure the kwacha depreciates so that people lose confidence in you.

10. As a Servant of God, I thank you on behalf of all members of the clergy for forgiving all those who insulted, imprisoned and tormented you whilst you were in opposition. In the same vain, allow the law to take its course against any individual who was involved in corruption, hate speech, tribalism and other unfair vices against the people of Zambia. Please recover all the stolen money in Jesus’ Name! Zambians need that money to develop.

11. Take note Your Excellency; if you allow loyalists of the former regime (PF) to continue being part of your government or the civil service, you will fail to achieve your goals. Because of this, many people will despise your leadership. Flash all PF loyalists now and start with new people who understand your vision. Ignore this at your own risk.

12. Lastly, I prophesy that within a year from now, all Zambian people will be smiling because life in Zambia will be very cheap because of God Almighty who will be directing you to work extra hard for the people of Zambia.

– Dear President Hakainde Hichilema, please take this advice seriously for you to 100% succeed in your governance.