New Zupco Buses Caught with Smuggled Goods, Drivers Fined $700 000

The recently Commissioned 50 Zupco buses were caught with smuggled goods.

Some drivers of the 50 Zupco coaches imported through Beitbridge last week were fined over $700 000 for attempting to smuggle goods.

The smuggling was discovered by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) officers who directed coaches with the undeclared goods to a holding parking bay for investigations.

However, the buses were released after duty and a 100% penalty was paid.

According to multiple sources, the amount was about $360 000 duty and the fine was a similar amount.

Units without smuggled goods were released immediately and driven directly out of the border.

About half the buses imported last week were parked in a bay where the Zimra’s anti-smuggling unit searches vehicles suspected of carrying contraband.

The units, which cost US$58 900 each were imported via Durban by different companies registered as Massbreed, Kingfisher and Sinotruk.