Dangerous Prophecy: Aliens to Invade Earth, Angels to Appear Live on Earth

Prominent Zimbabwean prophet, Dr Ian Ndlovu says aliens will appear invade earth and Angels will appear live on earth.

Addressing congregants, Ndlovu said the time of these strange appearances is getting close.

“The time is of these strange appearances is getting close. I’m not talking about about dreams whereby people will be seeing these things while sleeping. I’m talking about strange appearances whereby people will be using cameras to take pictures and videos,” he said.

“These things will appear soon because God has permitted them to appear. They will appear from outside,” he added.

“These are things that most humans have never seen but I have seen them in a vision,” said Dr Ndlovu.

Dr Ian Ndlovu said there are Stones who will fall from the Sky. He said God is sending these things to warn the sinners.

“These strange will appear to everyone and even on in news media. As people start to panic, Angels will start to appear. One of the Angels will appear and send a message,” he added.

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