Watch: Olinda Chapel Says a 1930 Car has Less Mileage than Monalisa Njuzu

Zimbabwean entrepreneur, Olinda Chapel Nkomo has heavily criticised socialite, Monalisa Njuzu after she posted an old pic of herself with Titan.


According to multiple sources, Njuzu was dating with the singer before he married Olinda Chapel.


To hurt, Olinda Chapel, Njuzu took to social media to post her old pics with Titan.


However, Olinda Chapel Nkomo reacted angrily to the post by Njuzu.


“Put some respect the name of my husband. Don’t disrespect me, name one person who says when I grow up I want to be like Monalisa the Njuzu. You have nothing to give to the community, you have no service to the community as a person. Every man sleeps with you and dumps you,” said Olinda Chapel.

“My father’s car 1930 car has less mileage than you. You have nothing that you have achieved in life. The only thing you achieved is your bedroom videos that circulated on social media. You thought you will be the next Pokello or next Stunner but it didn’t work,” added Olinda Chapel.