Olinda Chapel Prays for Enzo Ishall

Prominent Zimbabwean entrepreneur, Olinda Chapel Nkomo has took to social media to pray for Enzo Ishall.

Enzo Ishall recently revealed that he has been facing depression.

He recently revealed that he will is quitting music.

Thousands have reacted to his decision to quit music, with some calling the musician day and night, trying to get answers on why he decided to quit music.

However, Olinda Chapel has took to social media to advise Enzo to stand up and fight depression.

“Dear Enzo

Reminder: God isn’t a distant friend that we need to please – instead, God is a father who we can draw close to.
We have the Father’s spirit within us. We pray that we won’t become side tracked by the illusions of religion and tasks, but instead remind ourselves daily that we are children of God – becoming more and more like Him!

Your soul may seem lost, you may seem lost or stuck in a dark tunnel that you feel is eternal. You are not alone and you will never be alone. So many of us have been there. We have all suffered from depression and gone through dark times in our lives. So you are not alone. You have all of us. You have all your fans that love and appreciate your God given talent. That little boy that loves to sing kanjiva or that old madhala that sings smart inotangira kutsoka.

Tonight I am praying for you. I am praying that you may smile again and feel loved by this world.

God loves you,” she posted.