Mai Titi Reveals that she Worked for Zodwa as a House Maid

Popular Zimbabwean comedian, Felistas Edwards. popularly known as Mai Titi, has revealed that she worked as a cleaner for Zodwa following her divorce.

She also revealed that she used to beg for food and shelter from her friends.

“I remember after my divorce selling all my property and renting a 1 roomed house in Glen View. I remember oneday being humiliated by my landlord for not paying $30 rent , my bed was thrown out and I did not have anywhere else to go 😭. I remember asking my friend Viola for shelter just for my kids to have a roof on top of them , I did not want to bother my parents because I felt I had disappointed them in my Marriage 😭😭😭😭.

I remember going to the maintance court and their dads would creat fake payslips just to prove that they are not working they can’t afford for them. We slept hungry , we sold everything, I used to beg even for food and peacejobs, worked for Zodwa as a cleaner but I had a dream. I never stopped hoping and praying , I had faith that oneday it was going to be ok.
The reason why I celebrate my life it’s not because I’m showing off but every little thing to me is enough for me to thank God. You will never understand my joy because you never walked in my shoes 👠. As much as you think you know me I got a lot of untold stories behind my smile 😊. It doesn’t matter now because God changed my story .
I smile everyday when I look at how my children have grown and I’m still here raising them so well something I didn’t think I would do as a single parent.

Looking at my children now driving themselves to school, spending on them , empowering them business wise I whisper to myself that God is not for one but for everyone.
A lot of things I failed but I made a promise never to fail my kids . I’m a proud mom because getting to where I am is not easy going. Some would say what do you have that you can boast about ? My answer is I finally have peace of mind knowing I’m nolonger begging anybody but I’m now able to stand and provide for my kids without bothering anybody.
Allow me to celebrate each achievement because I know were I’m coming from . It might be nothing to you but it’s everything to me 😭.

I could go on and on about it but the bottom line is he makes all things beautiful in his own time.
I pat myself on my back and I say Well done Felistas urichibaba 💪

To all single parents out there listen …. you can do it there is a wall you can depend on and lean on , that wall will never disappoint you . That wall is Jesus Christ, he doesn’t choose he listens, ask him for guidance he will lead you . When they criticize you ask for strength and work hard using the pain you feel , feed on it it will surely bring you results . Do not wish to die wish to live and prove you can and you will,” posted Mai Titi