Watch: War Veterans Blames Mnangagwa for their Suffering

A pressure group for Zimbabwean war veterans says they’re living like paupers under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.


The veterans are known for having led invasions of white-owned commercial farms in the early 2000s, during former President Robert Mugabe’s regime.


Speaking to eNCA news, the leader of the pressure group said most of the war Veterans are no longer working they expect pension increase considering that basic commodities are expensive.


He further went on to dismiss allegations that the war Veterans are violent.


“We are not violent, we are, we are very mature. We are old now. We are mature. How can we be violent,” he said.


A group of war veterans recently protested against the Mnangagwa government leading to their arrest.


However, the police released the war veterans few days ago.