Prophet Shephered Bushiri Sends Special Birthday Message to Uebert Angel’s

Self-proclaimed Prophet, Shephered Bushiri and his wife Mary Bushiri sent a special message to Uebert Angel on his birthday yesterday.

The Bushiri’s took to social media to express their love to Angel.

Below is their Message:

“When I woke up today I thought to myself, “Today should be International Uebert Angel holiday.” In fact, seeing the millions that share my sentiments – IT IS!⁣⁣

You’ve been a constant in my life from the moment you decided to call me “SON.” And right this moment, I simply add my voice of gratitude to the vast chorus of saved souls that have experienced the gift of your presence when I say, I’m grateful for your love and for your life!

You’re celebrated by those that were lost but got found- those that were sick but got healed. You’re celebrated by those you’ve embraced and welcomed into your huge heart!
It’s in times like now that we recognise, like never before, the need for sagacious, well built, quick-witted, and visionary leadership such as the one you offer. In moments like these we see the value of men like you that give us an assurance that even in the most perplexing of times, goodness still remains and a path forward exists.⁣⁣ Your love to the orphans, your embrace to the widowed, your care to the lost and your humility in servanthood- You’re the real expression of what heaven has to offer – and a dynamite that makes the living convinced there’s GOD!
Dad, for these reasons and a dozen more that are unique to our friendship over the years, I want to thank you and applaud you. I praise God everyday for blessing me with a Father of such stature and intellectual acuity.

I’m better, in every way because of your influence in my life.⁣ My prayer is that your latter harvest will be far greater than your former. Happy birthday to you.


Shepherd & Mary,” posted Shephered Bushiri.

The Bushiri’s have a close relationship with Uebert Angel.

Earlier this year when the Bushiri lost their daughter, Angel and his wife spent days in Malawi comforting the couple.

Following the funeral, Angel took the Bushiri’s to a private venue where they took a break to recover from their loss.