EXCLUSIVE : Beverly Sibanda fakes new marriage with traditional healer’s assistant

Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that Beverly Sibanda did not get married in a traditional ceremony  this weekend.

The source said Beverly has been desperately trying to make people believe that she has moved on, with her social media pictures, in an attempt to make her estranged husband jealous.

Beverly Sibanda photographed with a traditional healer ‘s assistant

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a close friend told Gambakwe Media that Beverly took pictures at the homestead of a powerful traditional healer named Sekuru Hungwe over the weekend.

The source revealed that Beverly visits the traditional healer at least twice every week on Thursdays and Sundays.

She said Sekuru Hungwe is the spiritual father of most traditional healers who have the mermaid spirit (Njuzu).

Beverly Sibanda at the mountainside home of the traditional healer’s assistant

The source said Beverly hatched the fake marriage plan in a bid to save her marriage with her estranged husband, Mufudzi Chambuka, who has since moved on with another woman.

She said Beverly’s plan is set to backfire as some people who were photographed sitting in the queue at Sekuru Hungwe ‘s house did not want to be published while consulting the traditional healer.

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