Ed Mnangagwa Introduces Train Shuttles to Reduce Congestion

The government of Zimbabwe led by His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa has Introduced train shuttles so as to ease transport Issues.

Rail passenger transport began yesterday in Harare, and a similar agreement is expected to be reached shortly for Bulawayo.

Harare has three routes along the east-west rail line at peak times as Zupco and National Railways of Zimbabwe introduce rail cars to reduce congestion in and out of the city center to the eastern and western suburbs.

The fare is the same as the Zupco buses and station wagons on the same routes, $ 60 per trip.

Zupco is planning feeder services from the suburban train stations that passengers can use with the same ticket as the train, so that there are no additional costs for the last leg home or the first leg to work.

In a statement yesterday, Zupco said the deal would be launched in Harare and Bulawayo Metropolitan provinces and would spread across the country after the heavy congestion at its terminus last Friday.

“We have seen long queues on social media that appeared on Friday September 3, 2021, mostly Mshikashika and some who would have taken unlicensed and illegal station wagons,” said Zupco in a statement.

The company said it was using all of its available fleet, but it was taking longer than usual to evacuate passengers, particularly from central Harare.

In addition to the increased demand from workers, there are now many children going to and leaving school who rely on public transport.

In addition to train services, Zupco is also working on prioritizing buses in peak traffic in order to enable faster turnarounds.

Zupco said it will work with police and city police who are doing their law enforcement duties and manning crowded areas such as roundabouts and non-functioning traffic lights throughout the greater Harare area and other cities.

Zupco said it is making another concerted effort for those with roadworthy station wagons and buses to check in and register with them so that it can expand its fleet, particularly in Harare and Bulawayo.

“We also appeal to those who drive their own vehicles to comply with the traffic rules in order to avoid unnecessary traffic jams. This will prevent the faster turnaround times for buses and station wagons, ”said Zupco.

The company also appealed to the traveling population to be patient while they restore the normal public transportation system in urban areas.