High Court Releases Prophet Onbert Mapfumo Who Was Sentenced 22 Years In Jail for R-pe

A Self-proclaimed prophet, Onbert Mapfumo has been released in Jail by the High Court.

Mapfumo was jailed for 22 years in July 2017 for raping two women .

Before his arrest Onbert Mapfumo had claimed that he could cure the ailments of his victims by sleeping with them, and the women agreed.

One woman who had HIV tested negative after romping with Mapfumo, in what the trial magistrate called a “miracle”.

Now the High Court has found that although Mapfumo’s treatment methods were “disgusting”, the women voluntarily partook in the healing process.

Mapfumo was arrested after radio and TV presenter Tilda Moyo convinced the women to file police reports after learning of Mapfumo’s practice of performing sexual acts on his “patients” who went to him seeking to be cured of various ailments or protection from evil spirits.