ZimPraise Rebranded to Zimpraise Legacy Network 

Joseph Madziyire, the CEO and Founder of popular contemporary gospel musical group, Zimpraise has announced that the group has been rebranded to Zimpraise Legacy Network.

Madziyire released a video yesterday announcing the decision to rebrand.

“Over the centuries Zimpraise has grown to become one of the leading gospel brands to emerge out of Zimbabwe, and Africa. The main drive has always been to evangelise drive and deliver the gospel to every household in Zimbabwe, and Africa. Zim praise is proud to have over 30 million plus views on our digital platforms, we can proudly confirm that Zimpraise has reached almost every household and toured up to four continents, including USA, Australia, Europe, and of course, Africa. Zimpraise received over 20 global awards from different Institute’s,” said Madziyire.


“Today, I’m proud to announce the growth and the rebranding of Zimpraise. As of today Zimpraise will be rebranding to Zimpraise legacy network. Zimpraise Legacy Network is a non denominational televangelism platform that has been set up to provide a platform for every Christian individual organisation and ministry to spread the word of God in and have it delivered to every doorstep in Zimbabwe, Africa, and around the globe. Under the Zimpraise legacy network, we have five different divisions. These include, number one, the Zimpraise TV. This is the main televangelism platform which will drive the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, to every household through music, spoken word Christian TV shows, gospel, interviews, Christian committee, and Christian events. We are also looking at doing live streaming, and many more services,” he said.


Watch the video above for more information.