Pictures: Temba Mliswa Celebrates 50th Birthday With his Kids

The legislator for Norton, Honourable Temba Mliswa celebrates his 50th birthday today.

Mliswa took to social media to reveal that he is celebrating his special day with his kids.

“Today is my birthday and I turn 50. In celebration I have decided that I will only focus on my kids and myself. Spending time enjoying each other’s company. I will also be reflecting on the colorful experiences that I have had in life. What a life, I thank God,” posted Mliswa.

“To celebrate this special day I’m spending it with some of my kids. I have 19 and these are some of them. Here at the stature of David Livingstone, born 1813 came to Zim as a missionary but was a medical doctor. Kids must know their history,” posted Mliswa.

“I always take time with my kids and people should understand that it’s my choice to have so many and also not to be married. I respect the institution of marriage and would like to get into it in the right frame of mind so that I don’t cheat as many are doing. Now at 50 I think I’m ready,” he added.