Mystery Terrifies Young Ruwa Boy

A 9-year old boy popularly known as Tom has been having sleepless nights due to mysterious things.

From mysterious loss of sight, day and night encounters with ghostly figures, Tom is also reportedly to be facing stone throws targeting him only in a family of five.

No one can tell where the pounding comes from but the boy who also lost his sight under what his mother believes are bizarre circumstances is said to be the target of these mysterious attacks.

“The problem started when my husband died, Even during the funeral I was barred from attending the burial proceedings as I was accused of killing him. That was to be the beginning of our problems as a family as my son then became blind coupled with several mysterious attacks,” said the mother.

“My child is suffering, I have tried to get help but to no avail,” she added.

Fellow villagers have taken turns to offer a place to sleep for this family when night falls. But some are now hesitant as the mysterious happenings follow the family even when they seek refuge.

“They came to our house seeking refuge, but as soon as they arrived stones started being thrown by objects we couldn’t see,” said a neighbour.

Schools are opening soon for non-examination classes and young Tom is expected to go back to Kapota School in Masvingo but his mother is worried as she doesn’t know if the strange occurrences will follow her child to school.