Harare Airport Officer asks for a bribe from popular Kenyan YouTuber, African Tigress

In a deeply embarrassing incident,  Harare airport officials have been exposed for trying to force a bribe from popular Kenyan YouTuber, African Tigress.

A visibility frustrated Tigress explained how she landed at the Harare Airport this week and after going through the health formalities,  arrived at the immigration desk, where a beautiful young official started to go through her passport.

The female official wanted to know why Tigress was coming to Zimbabwe. When Tigress told her for Tourism, she could bot believe it.

The official told Tigress that Kenyans are using Zimbabwe to illegally cross into South Africa and said she was not going to allow her into Zimbabwe.

After going through a lot of arguments, the official eventualy asked for some money to let Tigress in, something that the young YouTuber refused to do.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.