WATCH : Bishop Sam Owusu reveals ‘why TB Joshua was Killed’

A popular Ghanaian cleric, Bishop Sam Owusu says the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T. B. Joshua was killed.

He says TB Joshua did not die a natural death but was killed by some conspirators.

In a video circulating on social media, Owusu told his congregation that he has the details of the circumstances surrounding Joshua’s death but would not reveal them yet.

According to him, Joshua was the most famous Christian minister in the history of Black Africa.

The Ghanaian cleric also claimed Joshua was more popular than American preachers such as T.D Jakes and Kenneth Hagin.

In the video, Owusu said, “T. B. Joshua was killed, he didn’t die. He was killed because, by history, there is no black man of God in the world that on YouTube, his followers are more than a country.

“Yes, the followers of T. B. Joshua, there is no president in the world, no President in the world has followers as compared to T. B. Joshua. In the world, there is no single man that Presidents submit to. In the whole world, it has never happened, that there is a certain man of God that Presidents will leave their Presidency and come to his church. T. B. Joshua was killed, he has finished his work. I have the details, I will not share that one now,” said Owusu.

”By the history of mankind, there is no black man in Africa who has properties, a school in Israel, a school, land and property in the Philippines… there is no black man…T. B. Joshua didn’t die, they calculated his death. What they used to kill him, I know and the person they sent, I saw,” he added.

Watch the video above for more information