SANDF Threatens Julius Malema

The South African National Defence Forces (SANDF) has issued a warning to members of the public who are sending false information about members of the SANDF withdrawing from operation.

The warning comes after the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Sello Malema tweeted that the members of the SANDF are withdrawing from operation centers.

“The SANDF dismisses with contempt and scoffs at the baseless insinuations aimed at causing panic in the country. Perpetrators of these insinuations are reminded that it is an illegal and a prosecutable offence to spread fake news or misinformation,” said SANDF in a statement.

“The SANDF acknowledges that there were challenges regarding ration packs and payment of meal allowances. These challenges received the necessary attention,” added SANDF.

“As a measure to address developing challenges, there are processes in place to prioritize and address challenges as and when they prevail. This is an ongoing process for the duration of the operation,” said SANDF.