EXCLUSIVE : Beverly Sibanda lied about everything – Mufudzi Chambuka

The marriage between popular Zimbabwean dancer, Beverly Sibanda and her UK based husband, Chambuka Mufudzi, has finally came to an end with Mufudzi confirming to Gambakwe Media that he has filed for divorce.

Mufudzi also confirmed that he has asked the Landlord at Beverly ‘s rented flat to remove him from Beverly’ s lease as he is no longer responsible for paying her rent.

Mufudzi told Gambakwe Media that Beverly was a habitual liar and abused his mother by withholding money and groceries.

He also revealed that she did not behave like a married woman, disappearing inexplicably for long periods of time and switching off her phone during times when she should have been reachable.

Mufudzi revealed that there was no need for Beverly to be dancing in night club as he took good care of her and sent her money frequently and regularly.

He showed Gambakwe Media a string of money transfers that he made to her and said she lied that he was not paying her bills in time.


Mufudzi revealed that Beverly was so jealousy of other women that she went through his phone when he was in Zimbabwe and called every woman in the address book to insult them.

Beverly texted every woman in my address book and accused them of dating me, including women at my workplace. She is uncontrollable.


Mufudzi said he has two young daughters and he wanted Beverly Sibanda to be a role model for them, however, her behavior was immoral and embarrassing.

Mufudzi said he has filed for divorce with his lawyers and has no more interest in Beverly.

In one of her responses, Beverly told Mufudzi that she would rather hussle than beg him.